Engine Model Go-No Go Gauge Part Number
Ajax All Models GNG78
Arrow “C” Series (18mm Ports) GNG18
Arrow “L” Series (7/8″ – 18 Ports) GNG78
Arrow “VR” Series (14mm Ports) GNG14
Arrow “VR” Series (18mm Ports) GNG18
Caterpillar All Except 3400, 3500, 3600 Series GNG14x9
Caterpillar 3400 Series GNG14x16
Caterpillar 3500, 3600 Series GNG18x20
Clark All Models GNG78x16
Clark Cast-In Prechambers GNG78x8
Clark SIPC Prechambers GNG14x9
Cooper-Bessemer GMX Series GNG78
Cooper-Bessemer GMW, GMV Series GNG78x6
Cooper-Bessemer W330, Z330 Series GNG78x14
Cooper-Bessemer LS, LSV Series (7/8″ – 18 Ports) GNG78x20
Cooper-Bessemer Jet Cell Prechambers GNG78x8
Cummins 14mm Heads Except B, C Series GNG14x16
Cummins B, C Series GNG14
Deere All Current Production Models GNG14
DeLaval All 7/8″ – 18 Heads GNG78x20
Detroit Diesel S30G GNG14x9
Detroit Diesel S50G, S60G GNG14x16
Fairbanks-Morse All “OP” Models GNG18
Ford All 14mm Ports GNG14
Ford All 18mm Ports GNG18
Gemini All Models GNG14x9
General Motors All GNG14
Hercules 1600, 2300, 3400 Series GNG14
Hercules 4800 Series GNG14x9
Ingersoll-Rand All Models GNG78
Superior All Historical Models GNG18
Superior All Mitsubishi Conversions GNG18x16
Waukesha 1197, 1905, 2475, 3711 GNG18
Waukesha 817, 220, 330 GNG14
Waukesha 2895, 3521, 5108, 5790, 7042, 9390 GNG18x16
Waukesha F18, H24, L36, P48 GNG18x16
Waukesha AT25, AT27 GNG18x24
Waukesha F11 GNG14x9
Worthington SLHC, UTC, SUTC, ML, MLV GNG78x28

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